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"The best thing about being an author is that your words live forever. I sometimes read books that were penned in the 1930's. Its fascinating to know that the words of an author during that particular time can still reach the present day minds." - Adrian Clark

Adrian Clark "i"
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Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) entrepreneur and professional athlete representative ADRIAN CLARK provides this guide for young entrepreneurs that presents pointers in the areas of decision making, sacrifice, risk, strategic planning and other entrepreneurial principles.


The Protect Yourself at All Times campaign was founded by ADRIAN CLARK to further protect fighters outside the ring. The focus of this movement (and book) is to educate and inform the fighters on topics such as taxes, contracts, retirement, and guarding their money.

Boxing = Life
Boxing = Life.jpg

We all are fighters, in life. We all fight for or against something, daily. What are you fighting for? In 'Boxing = Life,' Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) entrepreneur ADRIAN CLARK shows how synonymous life and boxing are. Whether you win, lose or fight to a draw, this concise, yet motivational guide will help you understand that you are victorious regardless of the outcome. With "Boxing = Life," you'll find the wisdom that you need to champion your existence!

Dark Horse
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In the tight-knit world of boxing management, the winning players go along to get along. After learning the ropes from inside the ring, Adrian Clark stepped out into an arena where established characters can make or break any challenger. In a long, wild run with heady wins, bruising losses, and a well-inked passport, Clark muscled his way to respect and success. This memoir tells how -- and it's just the beginning.


Divorce Behavior for Men provides an healing space for men to feel the hurt and express the pain caused by divorce.Written by a man, for men, this collection of essays encourages readers to against the grain of current-day societal constructs. Challenging the macho mold, Divorce Behavior shows how to prepare for the worst-case scenario, further broadening the mindset and positioning men for success in life beyond divorce.

Divorce Behavior

This book is a great read for entrepreneurs, young and old.

Rogers Healy

Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate

“i” is a must-read for any entrepreneur,

be young or old. This book will not only inspire you, but will push you to become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Johnnie Bryant 

Assoc. Head Coach - NY Knicks

One young man’s learnings are another young man’s guide. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit,

Adrian’s book is a must-read.

Neil Morton

Former CEO - EverLast Worldwide

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